Mummy Pumpkins

Published October 30, 2013

mummy-pumpkinSo it’s 4 p.m., you have picked up the kids from school and tomorrow is Halloween.

You just realized you don’t have a pumpkin let alone carved one and the kids look like they are about to sacrifice you to the Halloween gods. No problem. Here’s a quick and easy solution to your Halloween dilemma: a mummy pumpkin.

All you need to do is stop at your local grocery store to pick up a few pumpkins and make one more stop to your dollar store. Once you are there, pick up some gauze bandages, black craft paper and glue, google eyes and a few pushpins.

There’s still time to save Halloween.

This is a great activity for the kids to get involved in and there is little to no mess. That’s right. .. I said no mess. (This could be your favourite Halloween pumpkin. Ever.) Simply wash your pumpkins and dry them off.

Attach the eyes with your glue and cut out a small piece of black construction paper to make the mouth. Glue it to the pumpkin.

Roll out a few boxes of white gauze and using your pushpin, secure one end to the top or bottom of your pumpkin then start wrapping the gauze around the whole outside surface. Work your way around the eyes and the black mouth.

Once you are satisfied with the look, insert another pushpin through the gauze into the pumpkin to secure.

If you have a little leftover gauze then you can make a few little mummy votives to go beside the pumpkins.

Wrap thin layers of gauze around short, clear glass votives. Just a few strands around each one should be fine. Glue two eyes to each votive and place a small tea light inside for an eerie glow.

Another quick and easy idea for decorating your front hallway or preparing a room for a Halloween party is to use Dollar Store orange and white balloons. Fill the balloons with helium and use a Sharpie to draw the pumpkin faces and ghost faces on each. Tie a long piece of ribbon to each end and hang on your bannister in your front hall.

Happy Halloween!


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