Powder Room Makeover

Published November 14, 2013

whister-bathroom-renoI’ve always believed that good design keeps secrets.

When we step into a beautiful space we tend to notice how the room feels as a whole. The ambience of the room, colour tones and textures are usually what we pay attention to rather than the size of the space or how things are stored.

This is often the case with small spaces such as powder rooms. These rooms can be difficult to design when it comes to concealing the necessary items and ensuring the layout is efficient while being pleasing to the eye.

In this particular powder room renovation, the owners decided to keep the layout essentially the same but give the room a much-needed contemporary update. Must-haves included clean lines, classic detailing and warm hues. A winter theme was chosen around a family heirloom painting that had been passed down from previous generations.

The owners opted for a fairly organic and neutral paint palette on the walls, using Sherwin-Williams Emerald Clay Beige. The existing chocolate brown shade made the room feel very small and dark whereas the lighter colour definitely gave the room a more spacious feel. A feature wall was tiled in Maui Mosaic Stone to give the room a modern vibe. Each individual tile was actually made from recycled beer bottles giving the room a funky, retro edge.

For the flooring, heating pads were installed and neutral 30cm x 60cm stone tiles were laid for an understated, elegant look.

In order to maximize storage capabilities within this small space, the owners decided to have a narrow, cherry cabinet built to replace the pedestal sink. A small, round ceramic sink with a Purist Chrome single-control lavatory faucet was installed. A custom Caesarstone countertop was chosen to complement the sleek, rod-style cabinet handles from Cantu.

A modern, sleek toilet was added along with 2 Kuzco pendant lights to softly illuminate the room, instantly adding luxury and elegance to a very simple setting.

It was important to the homeowners to unify the bathroom with the rest of the home by choosing trims, shelving and other interior details that complemented other features in neighbouring rooms. To polish off the look a small, cherry wood shelf was installed where the family painting could be showcased directly facing a traditional antique wall cabinet.

This is a good example of how these owners managed to pair old with new in simple eclecticism. The result is a style that is simple and uncluttered and makes use of warm colours and textures that generate a sense of warmth and quality.


– See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/living/heirloom-inspires-powder-room-decor-1.694715#sthash.Lyc1Xvhu.dpuf