Whistler Renovation

Published January 29, 2014

revitalize-your-kitchenIt’s not always necessary to completely gut your kitchen when you’re ready for a change.

Revitalizing your kitchen can be as easy as applying a fresh coat of paint to the cupboards and switching out your appliances. There are situations, however, that require a more extensive makeover, like the following one.

The kitchen in the home had served the homeowners well for more than 20 years but it was time to give the space a much-needed lift. “We knew that when the countertops were peeling back and the cupboards’ wear-and-tear had reached beyond broken hinges that it was time to redo the whole kitchen,” remarked the homeowner.

It was important to them to keep the natural feel to the space. The kitchen was immediately off the living and dining room, therefore the goal for the theme and paint palette was to blend seamlessly and naturally from one room to the other. Large, oversized logs set the tone and a natural colour that was to be the starting point for paint and cabinet colour choices.

To begin, flat-panelled, cherry cabinetry from Nickels Cabinets was chosen for the walls and lower sections of the kitchen. The cabinetry was finished in sesame stain and complemented with sleek, chrome rod handles from Cantu. “The countertop choice was a tricky one,” added the homeowner. “After considering many choices out in the marketplace we decided upon Caesarstone in biscuit from Atlas Stone for its amazing durability and sleek, smooth modern esthetic.”

The homeowners added a three-inch edge to the countertop to give a high-quality feel as well as modernize the space somewhat. “We felt the three-inch edge was bold and really gave the kitchen a contemporary and refreshing appeal,” the homeowner added.

To add a touch of warmth, 12-inch by 24-inch stone tiles from Ames Tile & Stone were installed to complement the cabinetry and countertops along with cabinet-ready appliances from Colony Appliances in North Vancouver. The kitchen was given additional lighting with ceiling pot lights that were installed directly above the working areas along with three stylish pendant lights that hang over the bar seating.

In the end, the renovation was a success making use of colours and materials that generated not only a sense of warmth but resulted in a stylish kitchen that remains simple and uncluttered.

The choice of natural wood cabinetry paired with stone countertops gives the kitchen a sense of timeless sensibility. Modern materials and contemporary accents play well upon each other to give the space an understated elegance.


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