Edgy Fun Stationary

Published April 02, 2014

diy-edgy-cards-1It seems everyone is using emails and text messages these days.

Not only are these forms of communication efficient but also it is very easy to send someone a happy birthday note from your phone or laptop in a matter of minutes.

It is however, on occasion very nice to receive a handwritten note. It appears the romance of note writing has slipped away from us and to some this is sad. I personally love receiving a handwritten note in the mail. When you receive a personal card in the mail you know the sender has taken the time to think about the card they chose for you and what they have personally written inside.

Here is a simple and fun idea for a plain white cardstock that you can purchase at craft stores such as Michaels. These cards are sold in packs so they are very economical and great to keep on hand when you require a card in a pinch.


One package of standard plain white cards with envelopes

One stamp pad (assorted colours or single pads)

White cards are nice for everyday use; however, if you would like to send a fun birthday or anniversary note to a recipient here is a cute and easy idea to spruce up your plain white cards.

Simply take your stamp pad and sponge and carefully edge the card on all sides with the chosen stamp pad colour. Repeat the same steps with the accompanying envelope on all edges. Let dry.

You can edge the card set in one colour or mix and match. Once the ink has dried a personal note can be written inside.