Creamy Easter Bunny Centerpiece

Published April 16, 2014

Lunter   photo Mike Wakefield Apr 01-2014   Easter Flora arrangement  -Home.The sun seems to be making its way back into our gardens and the temperatures are warming up.

Spring is finally here and that means Easter is just around the corner.

It’s always nice to gather the family together at this time of year before everyone makes plans for the summer.

If you’re planning to host a dinner party to celebrate Easter, then this simple, elegant table setting may be for you.

I decided to go with a cream theme this year and, believe it or not, there are loads of cream tulips everywhere in stores.

Look for a 30-centimetre tall white chocolate bunny at Purdy’s or your local chocolate supplier.

Be aware that the bunny will not be edible after placing it in the water with the tulips.


Cream or white floral container or medium-size bucket 30 cm

White chocolate bunny

White tulips (five-six packages)

White ribbon and floral wire (optional)

Sharp knife or floral scissors

Remove the tulips from their packaging and wash them of any dirt or debris.

Fill the container with room temperature water and set aside.

Give your tulips a snip on each end to fit comfortably inside the container so the arrangement is quite full and a few of the tulips cascade over the edges.

Remove the white chocolate bunny from its packaging and place it in the centre of the tulips.

To make the ribbon bow, simply cut a piece of ribbon approximately 50 cm long.

Starting at one end, fold over the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger in 10-cm sections. Repeat with the remaining ribbon until the end is reached. Using a small piece of floral wire, bind the folded over ribbon together in the centre and twist very tight.

This should make a bow to place inside the tulip arrangement.

Place the centrepiece on your dining table and scatter tea light candles around and down the table.

Happy Easter!