Mother's Day Posie

Published May 07, 2014

go-the-extra-mile-for-momYour mom would probably be happy with a simple phone call from you on Mother’s Day.

However, why not go the extra mile for the woman who, when you were young, read you The Cat In The Hat every single night for an entire month until you fell asleep? This, among other things, makes your mom a star and this Mother’s Day she should be treated like one.

She was there when you lost your first tooth, got your first scrape on your knee and she consoled you when you found out you didn’t make the soccer team.

We all love our moms.

They are always putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own.

This Mother’s Day, whether you plan to take her to brunch or perhaps a nice dinner, why not give this gift idea a try, giving her some fresh flowers to brighten up her kitchen and remind her of you? This little arrangement is a snap to make and provides a burst of fresh colour to any room.


One tin can (label removed and washed)

One bottle of acrylic craft paint (available at Michael’s)

One paintbrush

Co-ordinating craft papers and white glue

Adhesive letters (optional)

Two bunches of fresh flowers

Choose your mom’s favorite flower for this arrangement. I used ranunculus for this photo, but tulips and roses also work beautifully for this idea.


Paint your can in a complementary or similar colour to the flowers you’ve chosen. Let dry. Meanwhile, clean your flowers of any debris and remove the lower bottom section of leaves. Give the stems a cut on an angle with a sharp knife and place in water in another container until you’re ready to add them to the can.

Cut out a five-by threecentimetre card to use as a nametag for the front of your arrangement and glue it to the front of the painted can.

Fill the can halfway with room temperature water and add your flowers.