Beautiful Wedding Favors

Published June 04, 2014

incorporate-theme-into-wedding-favours-1June is a wonderful time for many couples to get married and start their life together.

It’s the time of year where wedding fairs are bursting with ideas and young brides are counting down the days until their big day.

If you or someone you know is getting married this year, here are two ideas for wedding favours that will surely impress the attendees.

Wedding favour boxes can be purchased at Michaels and other wedding supply shops. These little white boxes come in various shapes and sizes and provide the backdrop for creative decorating ideas.

It’s always nice to tailor your wedding favour to the theme of the wedding. A seaside wedding, for example, is a wonderful backdrop for seaside accessories and favours. And, a wedding planned on a yacht is a perfect setting for nautical place settings, chairs and guest favours.

Here are a couple of quick and simple ideas for wedding favours. One is for a seaside-themed wedding and the other for a garden setting.

Seaside Wedding Favours


Rectangular shaped wedding favour boxes

White sand (available at Michaels)

White craft glue

Small white seashells

Chocolate or candy


Fill the box with the candy or chosen chocolate and fold over the top flap to seal the box.

Carefully apply the white glue to the top of the box and sprinkle a very small amount of sand on the top lid.

Let dry. Glue your seashell to the top of the box.

Garden Party Wedding Favour


Rectangular or squareshaped white wedding favour box

Artificial white rose

Chocolate or candy

Glue gun and glue


Place the candy or chocolate inside the box and seal.

Using your hot glue gun, apply a small amount of glue to the top of the box and gently press the rose bud to the glue until it is firmly adhered.

Be sure to spread out the flower petals to cover the whole top of the box.

You can also decorate these boxes with white tulle and miniature white roses.

This idea presents well when all of the boxes are stacked together so that they look like a wedding cake.