Chic Herb Tags

Published July 02, 2014

herb-tags-point-the-wayNow that the weather has warmed, we are able to plant some of our favorite herbs in pots on our kitchen window ledges or perhaps out on our decks.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden outside where you can plant some basil, thyme and other herbs then these little herb tag markers may be for you. Just a quick stop at your local craft store to pick up a few items and you can assemble these little markers in a matter of minutes.


Miniature chalk board clips

Wooden dowels

Adhesive herb labels

Small saw or sharp scissors

I found the miniature chalkboard markers at Michael’s in the unfinished wood section. If your herb pots are in a covered area then you may want to consider using chalk on the little boards to label the herbs. Unfortunately, the chalk will disappear with the rain if your pots are uncovered. Self-adhesive labels can be found at Michael’s, as well, and they look fantastic for this idea.


Cut your wooden dowel to the desired height that you would like to place in your pot. Attach the self-adhesive label to each marker and clip on the upper most part of the wooden dowel. Insert the dowel into the soil in the garden or pot. Repeat for the remaining pots.