Retirement Party Ideas….by Lita Lane

Published September 15, 2014

Bucket List #1 Treat Cones #4 Cake #2 Party Table #3Retirement Party


A well-planned retirement party should be both light-hearted and fun while still honoring the career of the retiree and reflecting back on the accomplishment and contributions that the individual made during their tenure with the company.


Recently, a valued employee of 35 years decided to retire from my husband’s company.  My husband wanted to do something special for her as she was his “right hand and arm” for many years.


Generally, we spend one third of our lives at a job. When a person does finally decide that the day has come to retire, it is a significant milestone and the occasion calls for a celebration.


A retirement party is an opportunity to show appreciation to the retiree, and to celebrate the next chapter in their life. We decided on a luncheon rather than a dinner for a relaxed and casual atmosphere in which everyone would be comfortable. We hosted the luncheon in our home on a beautiful, warm September afternoon, inviting co-workers and people who had played a significant role within the company.


Here are a few ideas appropriate for a casual retirement event.


Bucket List


We have often heard people talk about their bucket list… So, I created a “bucket list” for Terri. Playing upon the literal, I purchased a small, galvanized bucket, designed and attached a little tag, entitled “Terri’s Retirement Wishes and Bucket List.”  When each guest arrived at the luncheon, they were asked to fill out a corresponding card, that would include their wishes and retirement suggestions for the Terri.


Retirement Survival Kit


I then wanted to introduce some humor into the occasion as I felt that emotions might lean toward sadness, and creating a “Retirement Survival Kit” afforded the perfect opportunity to add some levity to the situation.  I collected all the items listed below and arranged them in a shadow box as a visual, poignant tribute to Terri.


Kit Kat         because it’s time to “take a break”

Heart           to remind you to follow yours

Marker        because retirement “marks” the beginning of a new journey

Candle        to remind you your future looks bright

Money                  for your retirement fund