Chalkboard Placemats

Published October 15, 2014

use-chalkboards-to-personalize-your-tableOnce in awhile I come across a product that I think is very clever.

You may have seen these 30 x 30 centimetre chalkboard mats in and around craft stores but did you know how adaptable they could be? These chalkboard mats are extremely versatile and with a quick wipe of a chalkboard brush or damp cloth they are ready to use for another purpose.

Here are a few ideas for this multipurpose product.


I love using these chalkboard mats as table placemats. Purchase one or two packages of silver, adhesive scrolls at Michaels and apply them to the edges of the mat. Using a simple stick of white chalk, write your guest’s name in the centre of the placemat. The result is a very pretty table setting. At the end of the evening, simply erase the guest’s name and store them away for the next dinner party.

Memo board

These chalkboard mats may be cut to any custom size you desire to fit inside the door of your kitchen or office cupboard. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the paper to fit inside the cupboard door and glue with your glue gun. Use the chalkboard as a memo board or to-do list. This is a great idea for a kid’s desk space as well.

Gift wrap

If you are planning to wrap a fairly large present, these chalkboard mats work wonderfully for a gift-wrap idea. Wrap your present in a plain, solid wrapping paper. I find either plain white, black or brown works nicely for this idea. Glue the chalkboard mat to the topside of the present and write your recipient’s name on the top with a piece of coloured chalk.

Buffet station

I saw this idea at a recent dinner party and thought it was brilliant. If you purchase four to five of these chalkboard mats you can line them up together along your buffet table.

Place your menu items along the mats and write the name of the dish on the mat beside the particular item.

The presentation is very striking and surprisingly complementary to the meal items.

Very chic.