Scary Spiders

Published October 22, 2014

creepy-spiders-just-the-ticketScary Spiders

It’s that time of year again.

It’s the annual dentist association-sponsored sugar fest of Halloween. Well, not really, but it is the day when your little ones perform their personal miniseries of the Sugar Poltergeist.

Your overzealous neighbour has turned his front yard into the regional winner of the Disney haunted house.

What can you do to top this? Sugar, headspinning decorations and decapitated mannequins are just not going to do it.

Leave it to the dollar stores to come up with some great decorations for this year’s All Hallows’ Eve.

If you are running short of time – and let’s face it, everyone is on Halloween night – here is a simple and easy idea to adorn your front door for the little ones and possibly an arachnophobe.

Packages of plastic spiders are everywhere.

You can find them in craft stores, grocery stores and dollar stores. No excuses.

Simply purchase three to four packages of these little critters. There are usually four to six in a package. You will also require adhesive mini dots or scotch tape.

The mini dots will hold the spiders in place for a longer period of time, however they could potentially damage the paint or stain on your front door. It’s best to test them first if you decide to go this route. Otherwise regular scotch tape will work fine for the evening.

Attach your spiders to your front, exterior door or any light-coloured interior door in a random fashion. Using a light-coloured door is best for this idea for the spiders to stand out.

Placing a hidden spot light in your garden and directing it on an angle toward the spiders is a great way to draw attention to them.

You may also be able to find some larger variety of artificial spiders to complement the smaller ones. Look for them at craft stores such as Michaels.