Painted Glass Ornaments

Published December 13, 2014

homemade-baubles-add-sparkleI’ve always believed that Christmas trees should be sparkly and attractive but at the same time approachable and touchable.

They should reflect the sentiments of the family while at the same time beckon a child’s curious hands.

Homemade ornaments are making a big comeback. They don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. If you plan ahead you can assemble a dozen of these glass ornaments in under an hour and you will love the results. Just be sure to leave enough time for the paint to dry before you finish the ornament.


Plain, clear glass ornaments (available at Michaels)

Acrylic craft paint (assorted colours)


Adhesive glitter miniature letters and numbers

Silver or gold hooks


Begin by spreading out sheets of newspaper as a work area.

Remove the clear glass ornaments from their container and set aside. Carefully remove the metal clasp that holds the wire from the glass ornament. Open the acrylic paint container and slowly pour the paint inside the glass ornament until it is one-quarter full.

Roll the ornament around in your hands until the paint completely covers the inside of the ornament. Once it is covered, pour the remaining paint back into the container.

Let the ornament dry during the day or overnight. It may take a day or so for the paint to completely dry. Once the paint is dry on the inside of the ornament, carefully reattach the metal wire holder at the top.

Add your adhesive glitter letters to the outside of the ornament spelling out simple one-word Christmas messages. Attach a pretty hook to the ornament and hang on the tree.

These clear ornaments are also available in plastic at Michaels if you would like to make these with your kids.