Christmas Centerpiece Idea

Published December 25, 2014

wintertime-settings-set-the-scenePillar candles should be at the top of everyone’s Christmas decorating list.

Not only do they provide a rosy glow for wintertime festivities but they also make a lofty statement at a dinner party.

Giving pillar candles a luxe appeal is as easy as adding one or two branches and ribbon. Sprinkle a few handfuls of faux snow in a large cylinder and the result is a spirited winter scene suitable for any table setting or front entrance way.

For this setting, two large, clear, glass cylinder vases can be used as settings for a winter scene. A simply placed pillar candle can be surrounded by artificial pine boughs, pinecones and glass snowflake ornaments. Faux snow can be sprinkled over top to give the candles a wintery appeal. To finish off the look, garden twine can be tied around the top of the vase.

Battery-operated pillar candles work beautifully for this idea as well. Look for them in pharmacies and gift stores.

Group these vases together and place in the centre of your dinner table or on the corner of a console table in your front entrance.

Cream or white pillar candles lend themselves beautifully to wintery decorated scenes. Purchase these candles in varying sizes and arrange with silver balls and pinecones.

To extend the burning time of pillar candles and help them burn slowly and evenly, you may want to try refrigerating them beforehand. Be sure to wrap the wicks in plastic so they don’t absorb moisture.

Attempt to place your candles away from drafts and open windows, as drafts tend to elicit large burning flames and therefore make the candle burn at a much faster rate.

Trim the wick to onequarter of an inch in length if not already done so. This will assist in more even burning.

And remember to burn your candle for at least an hour each time you use it. This should create a pool of wax across the diameter of the candle and allow it to burn at a more even rate.


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