Preparing Your Gas Fireplace For Storm Season

Published January 28, 2015

preparing-gas-fireplaces-for-storm-seasonIs your gas fireplace ready for storm season?

Cold temperatures during the winter months can have us turning on our gas fireplaces more frequently. Properly maintaining your fireplace should be at the top of your to-do list at the beginning of each winter season.

The experts at Valor Fireplaces offer many useful tips for homeowners when it comes to taking care of gas fireplaces.

One of the most important steps to take initially is to read your owner’s manual. Each manufacturer offers helpful tips and maintenance recommendations specific to their product, including how often it should be inspected and what kind of maintenance homeowners can perform on their own.

Reading an owner’s manual may sound tedious but many manuals are now written in easy-to-follow formats and in language we can actually understand.

In general, most manufacturers recommend an annual inspection and cleaning of gas fireplaces. So if you can’t remember the last time you had yours checked, now is the time.

When a storm hits and the power goes out, many of us head for the flashlight and candles. But sometimes we forget about heat and if the power goes out for a number of hours, then the house can get very cold.

If you own a natural gas furnace remember that it will not operate during a storm that has caused a power outage. Natural gas furnaces require electricity to power the fan, which blows the heat throughout the home.

Therefore, your natural gas fireplace may become your source of heat.

If batteries power your gas fireplace’s controls, it’s important to replace them at the beginning of each heating season. You may have a set in your handset as well as in the receiver inside the gas control compartment of the fireplace. These batteries should last a full season or more; however, depending on usage and other factors it’s always good practice to check them routinely.

Cleaning the glass fireplace window is always a common complaint of gas fireplace owners. The dirty glass is likely caused by the sulphur content in the fuel. A buildup will in all likelihood occur over time and it’s recommended to stay away from glass cleaners such as Windex. Fireplace glass is ceramic and quite similar to a glass cooktop on a stove. Therefore, it’s best to visit your fireplace retailer to purchase correct cleaning products for your glass fireplace window.

When it’s time to clean the glass window be sure to turn the pilot light off and let the glass cool for at least one hour. It should be cool to the touch.

To clean the ceramic logs, rocks and glass beads it’s recommended to dust them carefully. If you have glass rocks you may be able to place them in your dishwasher. Be sure to dry them completely before placing them back in the fireplace.

For more information on the care and maintenance of your gas fireplace, visit to locate a dealer near you.

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