Orchids in Bubble Bowl

Published February 04, 2015

brighten-up-winter-daysOne way to brighten up the interior of your home during the often dreary month of February is to bring flowers inside and create an easy and dramatic arrangement.

There are many different varieties of flowers available at your local grocery store and floral shop. Choose flowers with large heads and bright colours for best results.

This arrangement is quick and simple and you can purchase most of the items locally and quite economically.


1 small, glass bubble bowl

10-20 bear grass stems

1 orchid stem (or other large head flowers)


When shopping for the orchid stem you should be able to find it sold in a clear package.

It is usually priced by how many blooms are on the stem.

Clean your container of any dirt and debris and set aside.

Wash your bear grass stems and arrange them in the glass bowl by curling the stems in and around the inside.

Add water to the ¾ full level.

Carefully snip the orchid blooms from the main stem leaving the longest stem possible for each bloom. This is necessary for the orchid bloom to be able to absorb enough water. Add one bloom at a time to the top of the bowl until the top edge is completely full.

For a longer lasting arrangement be sure to check the water level regularly. Display the flowers away from direct sunlight and in a cool location.

Other varieties of flowers that would work nicely for this floral idea are roses, miniature gerbera daisies and ranunculus.