Colourful Kid's Party Place Setting Ideas

Published February 25, 2015

set-the-stage-for-a-kids-partyThere are so many inspiring ideas out in the marketplace for a kids party.

If you’re planning a specific theme or perhaps just a bright and colourful table setting you should be able to find a variety of ideas in craft and dollar stores here on the North Shore. Store shelves are brimming with all kinds of small place setting items to create a personalized theme for a party. Add a few balloons and hats and you’re ready to host even the most discerning party guest.

Here are two ideas to help you get started.


Here’s a cute idea for a young girl’s party. Purchase miniature, coloured chalkboards at Michaels along with co-ordinating note pads, chalk and other items for the girls to write messages and notes on. Write each guest’s name on his or her own personalized chalkboard and arrange the items on a colourful piece of craft paper used as a placemat.

For a table cover use inexpensive, plastic tablecloths from the dollar store. They come in all sorts of colours.

Add balloons, hats and other items to give the table a festive feel.

When the girls go home they can take their items as their loot bag.

Sweet TreatsĀ 

This idea is definitely not sponsored by your local dentist, but is still fun for a day. Kids always appreciate a few sweets on a special occasion. Here’s an idea for a place setting that’s sure to please the sweet tooth in all.

Purchase inexpensive, clear containers at your local dollar store and fill them with penny candy. Keep the candy inside the container to one colour if you can and intersperse the different coloured containers along the centre of the table. Use candy necklaces to tie around the napkins at each place setting.

Make name cards using Tootsie Roll Pops or other lollipops. Place a small amount of play dough on the top of the round side of the Tootsie Roll and invert it. On a round name card, punch two holes on the top and the bottom of the card, write the guest’s name and insert it along the stem of the Tootsie Roll Pop. Tie off with a pretty, co-ordinating ribbon. This idea is great for a boy’s or girl’s party.