Painted Vintage Milk Bottles

Published March 25, 2015

milk-bottlesSpring has arrived and what better way to welcome the season than to display some beautiful flowers inside the home.

I love finding new containers and ways to display flowers so when Michaels introduced miniature glass milk bottles, I was inspired.

The Ashland clear glass milk bottle has a vintage feel and works wonderfully for single and grouped arrangements.

Be sure to make these painted bottles at least a week ahead of a planned dinner party to ensure the paint has time to dry completely on the inside of the bottle.

This idea is designed for artificial flowers as well as fresh flowers in floral tubes.

Once the inside of the jar is painted you will not be able to fill it with water.


  • Ashland clear glass milk bottles
  • Acrylic craft paint (pastel colours)
  • Fresh or artificial flowers
  • Floral water tubes (available at florist and craft stores)


This is a nice idea for a spring table arrangement or perhaps in a front foyer of your home. If you plan to use fresh flowers then be sure to snip the ends with floral scissors or a sharp knife and place each flower stem into a floral tube filled with water.

Clean the bottle of any debris and dirt and let dry. Wipe the inside of the bottle with a paper towel to remove any traces of moisture.

Pour all of the acrylic craft paint into the milk bottle and swirl it around so that the paint completely covers the inside of the bottle.

Pour the remaining paint back into its container and let the milk bottle dry.

You may need to apply a second coat of paint once the first is dry in case there are some areas that were missed or perhaps dried improperly.

Once the paint is completely dry, add your artificial flowers or fresh flowers in the floral tubes.

Display the bottles down the centre of your dining table.