Furniture Makeovers

Published May 13, 2015

102170635.jpg.rendition.largestYou may have seen in various issues of home decor magazines a popular trend of painting old furniture to give it new life.

If you love the look of modern decor but you don’t want to part with some of your favourite antique pieces, then this idea may be for you.

Mixing old furniture with new can have dramatic results. This eclectic look is popping up everywhere. Contrasting modern pieces with rustic, vintage finds can result in a look that adds both depth and texture within a room.

When it comes to decorating and adding style to a room, there really are no rules. The trick is to get the room looking cohesive and not haphazard and crazy.

Painting old furniture is definitely not a new trend, but applying bold colours to old furniture can produce an unexpected contrast to create a very modern feel.

For example, painting the inside of a dining hutch will breathe new life into the piece and provide a real pop of colour to the room. Painting a few cabinets in different colours adds an element of surprise to different rooms within the home.

Try spray painting some old flea market chairs and placing them around a modern table. Or, paint a wooden kitchen table in two different shades for a traditional look with a modern twist.

Paint your favorite pieces bold colours to add interest to the room or if you would rather have the piece blend into the rest of the room then try more subtle shades of colours, such as pale yellow or powder blue.

Don’t forget about the hardware. Hardware on a piece of newly painted furniture is like the lastminute addition of jewelry. Nothing shouts glamour more than crystal knobs on a pastel painted chest of drawers. Look for shiny chrome handles and knobs, and contrasting hardware pieces to really glam up the furniture piece and give it the modern chic it deserves.

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