Culinary Paint Colours

Published May 20, 2015

paint-choice-can-enhance-experienceDid you know that the colour you choose to paint your kitchen could actually enhance your dining experience?

Well this is what the experts at CIL Paints are claiming with their new line of mouth watering paint colours. The CIL Culinary Collection offers a tantalizing palette of 20 hues that will make your taste buds go on high alert.

Colours such as Cranberry Zing, Adorable Peach and Lime Twist are just a few examples of what you will find within the collection to add that everimportant colour pop to your kitchen.

The premise behind CIL’s new collection comes from findings that warm, uplifting colours, such as soft shades of grey, violet and blue, can be conducive to appetitebuilding, entertaining and conversation-building within the walls of your kitchen. So when it came time to develop their new Culinary Collection line, CIL was careful to take these findings into consideration.

Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL Paint, believes that white kitchens have been a popular trend for many years; however there is now a resurgence of colour back into the kitchen – everything from cabinetry to counters to walls. She credits this trend to the current rich-in-colour bohemian look, retro revival and return-to-nature trends in home decor, according to a press release.

There’s no question that the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms within the home. It’s an area where friends and family grater often so it makes sense to fill the room with warm, uplifting colours, such as yellow, red and orange.

Within the Culinary Collection palette are colours like Olive Oil and Curry Spice. Shades such as these are intended to add warmth and personality to kitchen spaces while enhancing the dining experience.

Goldman recommends shades of grey for modern kitchens. A colour like Oyster Bay, for example, when used as a wall base, may be coupled with shades of Turquoise, Tangerine or Raspberry. Colours such as Lemon Yellow and Apple Green are wonderful with stainless steel appliances.

For country kitchens you may want to complement your wood cabinetry with wall shades of Terra Cotta Red or Burnt Pumpkin. These colours will create a warm space reminiscent of open fires and roasted foods.

If you are in a fix and cannot choose a colour, Goldman recommends identifying the predominant undertone of your cabinetry or flooring and then choosing a paint colour with the same base.

One trick for making small kitchens appear larger than they really are is to minimize the contrast between walls and cupboards. Choose a palette of colours with similar tonal value. For example, Peach Punch, Ripe Banana and Citrus Fruit are three examples of hues that would work well in unison.

For more information about the Culinary Collection Paint Collection, contact your local CIL Paint supplier here on the North Shore.