Curvaceous Calla Lilies Impress

Published June 03, 2015

curvaceous-calla-lilies-impressCalla lilies are beautiful in a simple arrangement.

These deciduous perennials are able to stand on their own in modern and traditional displays.

Here is a calla lily arrangement that you can put together in minutes once you have the vase and flowers in place.

Look for calla lilies sold in single stems or in bunches in floral shops.


  • Seven to nine medium head calla lilies
  • 2.5-centimetre wide ribbon
  • Thin floral wire
  • Clear oval or rectangular vase
  • Sharp knife or floral scissors
  • Floral preservative


It’s best to purchase calla lilies in one colour if possible for this arrangement. The effect is dramatic with a matching ribbon.

Unwrap the lilies and cut the end of the stems on a sharp angle with your scissors or knife. Place them in water that has been treated with a floral preservative. Set aside.

Wash your vase of any dirt or debris. Fill the container one-third full with room temperature water. Add floral preservative.

Place one calla lily stem in your non-dominant hand and begin to add stem after stem, carefully placing each one slightly lower than the first.

Once all of the stems are in your hand, carefully wrap the floral wire around the stems at the base of the flower head.

Determine the length required of the stems to fit inside the vase before making your final cuts. You want the stems to be able to slightly curve inside the vase and be long enough to reach the water.

Tie a ribbon to cover the wire around the stems and make a small bow.

Carefully insert the stems into the vase making sure all ends are immersed well inside the water.

Place your vase in a cool location out of direct sunlight for long-lasting results.