Simple Summer Floral Arrangements

Published July 22, 2015

simple-summer-flower-arrangementsI have to admit, I do love this time of year when we can go into our own gardens and clip flowers to make simple summer flower arrangements.

If you don’t have a garden to clip from, then maybe ask one of your good friends if you could clip a hydrangea head or two for your next dinner party.

Hydrangea bushes are bursting with beautiful blooms at this time of year.

The colours are phenomenal and when paired with other flowers, or perhaps on their own, they are stunning.

I’ve seen many different variations of hydrangea flower arrangements but I’ve always felt the best ones are the ones that are simple to arrange.

Here are a few of my favourites that you can copy and make for your next dinner soiree.

Hydrangea Floral Arrangements 

Solid green or variegated aspidistra faux floral ribbons may be purchased online or at select floral stores. This is a plastic ribbon that has the appearance of an actual leaf.

The nice thing about this ribbon is that you can reuse it repeatedly for future floral arranging. Carefully cut a piece to fit inside your small, round or square, clear glass vase.

Fill the vase halfway with room temperature water.

Clip a white hydrangea head leaving a 10-centimetre stem that you can clip down further according to your vase height.

Note: If you do not have white hydrangeas in your garden then you can purchase them at many floral stores and grocery stores.

Place the hydrangea in the vase and place on your table. This idea works well with any other white variety of flowers.

Another idea is to group similar coloured flowers together in one vase starting at one end with the darkest shade working towards the lightest on the other end. This works well with similar-hued hydrangeas in the purple family and blue family. Use a rectangular vase for the best effect.

Roses in Silver Cups 

I’ve seen these faux silver vases at Michaels and other craft stores. They are extremely versatile and very affordable. Fill them with one colour of rose from your garden. Ranunculus and dahlias are beautiful in this type of arrangement as well.

Floating Flowers 

One of the easiest and effective floral table settings is to use a flower such as a dahlia or daisy and float it on top of water within a clear round or square vase.

Fill one or two other clear vases with water and place a floating candle on top. Be sure to have at least five vases on hand for this idea because ideally you would like to intersperse three flower vases with two floating candle vases mixed in and place them down the centre of your table.