Lovely Lavender

Published August 05, 2015

loveliest-lavender-ideasThe hot and dry summer we have been experiencing this year has been wonderful for lavender in the garden.

I love the versatility of this plant and how you can dry it for use in so many home decor ideas.

I’m sure you’ve seen many household products made with lavender, such as oils, soaps and occasionally in baking products.

There is something wonderful about its scent and how it evokes images of the beautiful Provencal countryside.

Here are some ideas regarding how to use your dry lavender once the summer is over.

Lavender tea 

Pull the lavender buds from their stems and place in a loose tea bag (David’s Tea sells boxes of these tea bags). Steep the lavender buds in boiled water to produce a wonderfully aromatic tea.

Lavender place settings 

This is one of the prettiest and probably easiest place settings for your next dinner party.

Simply snip a fresh or dried lavender stem and place on a white napkin. Tie off with a lavender ribbon or wire.

Another cute idea is to use a recycled tin can. Clean the can both inside and out, removing the label. Cut a piece of printer paper approximately three to four centimetres wide with decorative scissors. Glue the paper with your glue gun. Wrap lavender thread around the tin a few times and fill the tin with a couple of lavender and hydrangea stems.

Lavender scent sachet 

These lavender sachets make wonderful gifts. You can either make your own sachet from leftover fabric or you can purchase individual organza bags from craft stores. Fill the bags with loose lavender buds and tie with a ribbon. Attach one to your next gift as a decorative adornment.