Simple Summer Centrepiece Ideas

Published August 17, 2015

full-of-beansFresh flowers are always pretty in the centre of a summer table but sometimes it’s nice to make a table centrepiece that will last for weeks.

I recently came across a variation of this idea at a friend’s place and thought it was very pretty. The below version is done with white, dried beans in simple mason jars. When it is illuminated in the evening hours it gives off a soft, subtle glow.


2-3 large mason jars

1 package of white, dried beans (available at grocery stores)

2-3 medium size votive candles Wood base (available at Michaels)

Smaller mason jars may also be used for this idea. Combine them with the larger jars for a nice, varied look.

Clean the jars of any dirt and debris and wash them thoroughly. Fill the jars one-third full with the white beans.

Remove the centre, gold lid from the mason jar.

Screw the cap back on to the jar. Place the votive candle inside the beans.

If you wish to have a platform for the jars to sit on you may want to purchase the dark, wood flat decorative piece available at Michaels in the wood section.

These jars are very pretty on their own when filled with water and a white floating candle is placed on top. Fill the lower bottom section with brown rocks or clear glass beads. Tie the top edge with ribbon or raffia and light the candle.

I also love lining the inside of the jars with slices of lemons or limes and then filling them with small yellow or green flowers. Perfect for an outdoor barbeque.