Accessorizing Made Easy

Published September 30, 2015

accessorizing-your-home-with-easeHave you ever walked into a room and had the feeling like something was off or missing?

Perhaps it was lacking in warmth or ambience in some way?

Well, it could very well be that the room was not accessorized properly. Accessorizing your home is important when you are decorating. Think of accessories in your home as you would jewelry with an outfit. Each accessory adds a touch of colour and texture to the space.

Many people are perplexed regarding how to tackle accessorizing their home. It really is the last decorating layer for a room and if done properly can dramatically change the appearance of the room.

If you are in fall decorating mode, here are a few tips from the pros on how to begin accessorizing your home.

You may be asking what kind of accessories should I be looking for? Well it really depends on what kind of surface you are working with. Small coffee tables, console tables and side tables are three examples of areas that are common for accessorizing. Look for items such as hardcover books, photographs, candles, vases and other containers. Also, flowers and plants, trays, and sculptures are other examples of great accessories. For walls, look for interesting mirrors and artwork that will balance the visual height of your display. And don’t forget the floor. Rugs are invaluable in adding warmth and colour to a room.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is to spread too many smaller items throughout the room. It is best to stick to fewer larger items than too many smaller ones. Remember to work in odd numbers such as threes and fives. For small tables and consoles stick to three items rather than two smaller ones. Work in groups rather than individual items. Combine photos and objects in groups of three or five in assorted sizes.

If you have room for a long table behind your couch, accessorize it with a nice lamp to add light in the room. Add a few photo frames and perhaps a potted plant.

Entrances look wonderful with small tables accessorized with a mirror, key tray and perhaps a small lamp.

Coffee tables usually require accessories with height. Tall candlesticks and sculptures work well here as well as a stack of hardcover books. Add a flower arrangement to bring some greenery into the room and perhaps a vase.

Bookshelves are probably the most challenging to accessorize. Hardcover books should be nestled in with other small items such as plants and photo frames. It’s important not to have too many books and over-clutter the shelves. I like to add some reflective surfaces when accessorizing a bookshelf. Shiny vases and bowls are wonderful when combined with flat surface objects to provide texture to the bookshelf.

And remember to change up your throw cushions on your couch. Flat, worn cushions make the room feel tired.

Try switching up your summer cushions with some new fall colours of the season.

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer and stager with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design.