Fright Night Decor

Published October 21, 2015

have-fun-with-fright-night-decorThis year when the young ones venture out on All Hallows’ Eve, greet them with some creepy crawlies on your front steps.

Nothing says spooky like black rats scurrying around your feet on Halloween. These little guys are easy to apply and can be used from year to year.

I downloaded black rats from the Internet using free template websites. However, you can purchase pre-cut paper rodents from craft stores. This is a much easier solution and they come with double-sided sticky dots for easy application. Use them also on interior surfaces within your home.Another quick and easy decorating idea for Halloween is to hang glow sticks in water balloons from your trees.

I saw this idea last Halloween and thought it was really effective.

Purchase inexpensive glow sticks in different colours along with plain nylon stockings at your local dollar store.

Cut the stockings in half so you have two nylon tubes.

Follow the directions on the glow stick packages to activate them. Fill the balloons with water and add the glow stick. Insert the water balloons inside the stockings and tie off. Hang the stockings in your tree branches at varying heights to watch them glow.

Don’t forget to illuminate your front path for trick-or-treaters to find their way. A great way to do this is to use mason jars.

These jars may be purchased at your local grocery store and they make wonderful lanterns along front pathways.

Wrap the jars in white gauze tape and apply googly eyes to make mummy jars. Add a bright tea light to illuminate. You can also use this idea on small votive candle holders and place them on your table. If you would rather have pumpkins, simply wrap the large jars in orange crepe paper and add black jack-o’-lantern faces.

Home Ideas Barb Lunter Sept 2712   photo Mike Wakefield/   Home

Place the jars along the path to your front door.

Turn your house into something excitingly eerie with murky cobwebs interspersed in your tree branches and wrap orange lights along the branches.

These ideas will help adorn your home’s facade with hints of haunted inhabitation but will surely invite the curious for their well-deserved treat.

Happy Halloween!

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design.