Published January 21, 2016

trendy-throwback-makes-creative-place-setting-1Vinyl is back in vogue in the music world.

Although, if you ask my husband he will say it never went out of style. It’s great to see the revitalization of the old hits playing on the turntable as well as new artists releasing records on vinyl. Bring this new trend into your home at your next dinner party. Theme dinners are always fun, especially after the holiday season.

Here are a few ideas to dress up your next dinner party and have some fun with vinyl.

The best place to find inexpensive vinyl records are at second-hand record shops. You can find these shops scattered around the Lower Mainland. The records are very economical and you may find some of your favourites along the way. Customize and create your own vinyl record label by downloading a round, vinyl label template from the Internet. Or, you can use a site such as that prints custom adhesive labels.

Once you have printed off the label template, use it to create your own customized labels. At this point you can handwrite your guests’ name on each label or have some fun creating your own label using a software program to design a round label and attach it to the centre of the record.

If you prefer to handwrite and design your own labels then you will need to trace the template on coloured paper and cut out each label individually.

Glue the label to the record and place the vinyl record at each table setting. Add some miniature black, round chalkboard clip-ons (available at craft stores) to use as napkin holders.

Place an adhesive rhinestone sticker in the centre of the chalkboard clip to give the appearance of a miniature vinyl record. To carry on the vinyl theme, add a few retro photos of vinyl parties that can be printed off the Internet.