The Wonderful World of Grey

Published March 02, 2016

I love the colour grey. It’s tends to get a bad reputation for being a bit dull…especially in Vancouver. But if you look around,
040-1decorating stores are currently full of grey tones. Furniture, pillows, duvets…you name it…it’s in grey.

Some decorators are calling grey the new white. It’s an elegant neutral that tends to give depth to subtle colours at the same time allowing bold colours to pop.









I  have been staging quite a few homes lately in grey tones and have learned that if you love grey and would like to incorporate it into your home, there are a couple of rules you may want to follow.

First, if you are planning to paint your walls grey, then use a soft, creamy ivory or cream trim. This colour will  not only complement the grey wall but really give it some depth.

Secondly, incorporate some shiny surfaces such as mirrors and chrome accessories. These will really pop in the grey environment. And remember to bring in many sources of lights. Table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces should be installed to really bring in both task and ambient lighting.

There are clever ways to complement these wonderful soothing grey tones by combining them with creams and pops of colour such as teal and corals. Grey tones coordinate beautifully  with coral tones when done correctly.

A grey bed or dark grey sofa acts as a great base to add pops of colour such as cream cushions and teal throws. I love adding cream faux fur accessories to love seats and occasional chairs along with pale pink pillows and pops of coral blue.

Many stores are carrying grey love seats, sectionals and sofas at the moment in various shades of grey. You will see them accented with teal pillows and throws. Teal ottomans coordinate beautifully with grey occasional chairs. Accent your sofa with a silver, mirrored side table and add cream toss cushions on each side.

Working with grey can produce beautiful results.

Barb Lunter