Geode Homemade Christmas Ornament

Published December 15, 2016

geode-ornamentsEvery year I am impressed at how beautifully decorated the stores are during the holiday season.

Carefully adorned wreaths, bannisters, table arrangements and tree ornaments are everywhere. It’s easy to be inspired by the gorgeous textures and colours of the holidays.

This year’s homemade ornament is called a geode. I saw this idea in a store window and thought it was striking.

You can find many versions of this ornament online but the beauty of this one is that you can personalize it anyway you like. Look for sparkly papers in stationary stores and miniature embellishments in craft stores.

Each ornament takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble. However, after making a few of them, you will become proficient and will be putting them together in no time.

– Plain white and patterned paper (80-pound weight recommended)

– Glue and glue gun

– Silver and gold ornament cording (available at craft stores)

– Geode template (find online)

– Plastic adhesive rhinestone ribbons and dots

– Begin by downloading a geode template to your computer. You can find many of these free downloads online. Choose a simple template and print it to any size you like. Cut the template pieces out.

– Choose a patterned or plain paper for the top and bottom sections and trace the pieces out. Fold along the score lines.

– Make a small silver or gold loop with your cording and glue to the inside of the top portion of the geode.

– Glue the two pieces together to form the geode.

– At this point, you may add some adhesive rhinestones along the edges.

These geode ornaments make wonderful gifts. Be sure to wrap them carefully in tissue before placing them in a box.