Outdoor Entertaining

Published July 05, 2017

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time to start entertaining outdoors.

This season elevate your outdoor entertaining space with these easy do-it-yourself decor ideas. Open your doors to beautiful alfresco meals and create the perfect entertaining space for your guests.

Drink protectors
There are so many ways to dress up your drink table when hosting an outdoor party. Pretty muffin tin liners are available on many store shelves at this time of year. Invert them over your guest’s beverage and insert a straw through the middle. This is a great way to keep the flies off fruity drinks.

Basket of warmth
Guests love it when you provide them with a little warmth on a cool summer evening. Fill a basket with rolled-up blankets and place them by your table. Your guests will thank you when the sun begins to drop.

Wagon bar
I saw this idea at a party last summer and loved it. The hosts fitted a red wagon with a plastic tub and filled it with ice. Beverages were placed inside the ice and guests were able to help themselves all evening.

Large, lidded clear canisters are wonderful for holding salads on your dining table. Fill them with fruit, pasta and green salads, and place the lid on top to avoid any pesty bugs from invading. Place your utensils to the side for easy access to salads.

Utensil holders
I love how many creative hosts display their utensils at parties. Some of my favourites include painted terra cotta pots. Each one is painted a different colour and filled with forks, knives and spoons. Mason jars work wonderfully for this idea as well. Fill them with a colourful napkin and utensils. Each guest takes one mason jar with their utensils to their place setting and uses the mason jar as a beverage holder.

Faux fire
We may not be able to have campfires this year but here’s a clever way to achieve the fire look without the dangers. Fill your fire holder with logs and place one or two mini light strands throughout the wood pieces. Illuminate the mini light strands for a warm, inviting faux fire that will give off a nice, summer glow.