Trends Provide Design Inspiration

Published July 12, 2017

There are many ways to give your home a lift without breaking the bank.

Decorating trends are always a good place to start when seeking inspiration. Some of the trends may not be to your liking, but it’s always interesting to see what’s happening out in the decor world and perhaps apply an idea or two.

Here are some of my picks for trendy touch-ups.

Marble wallpaper
Marble wallpaper is quite effective when placed in the right space. Its wild pops of colour really add a statement to a room. Look for muted shades of greys and blacks for bathrooms and offices while the swirly, pink marble wallpapers are perfect for a teenager’s room.

Whether you are loving this trend or not, marbled wallpaper is a chic and subtle way to make your space a little more sophisticated.

Blue, blue and more blues

You don’t have to look very far to see the shade of blue on pillows, duvets, couches, chairs, and many more home decor items. Navy velvet couches are elegant in any living room. Blue seems to be replacing the white minimalism we have seen for many years.


This seems to be the metallic trend of the year. Copper is wonderful for adding pops of bling into kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. It’s a soft, reflective metal that brings a warm glow into the room. My favourites are bookshelf accessories and copper lamps with black shades.

Creative nightstands

This is a trend that is easy and can be done with everyday, creative items. The term “bedside table” does not have to exude images of matching items beside the bed. In fact, the trend is to have separate, individual elements framing your bed. For example, shelves on one side and a block of wood on the other. Personal style is the idea here. Make a statement with your imagination.

Furry furniture

I love this trend. There’s something about faux fur that adds texture and warmth to a room. It makes an ordinary chair extraordinary and gives bedding a necessary cosy feeling. Design a creamy white bedroom with accents of white, faux fur pillows and a throw. Or add a pop of colour to a neutral chair to make it really stand out.

Wood tiles

If you grew up with wood floors you probably remember how warm and soft they were on your feet.

However, wood floors can be high maintenance and quite costly to install. If you have a busy household and a lot of traffic coming and going, you may want to consider wood tiles. They look so similar to wood you have to look very closely to tell the difference.

Reclaimed wood is a definite trend right now and technology has helped tile manufacturers produce tiles that look like old, reclaimed wood. The result is a rich, vintage look that will fool even the purist wood floor lovers.