Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

Published December 15, 2017

I’ve always appreciated the work that goes into making homemade tree ornaments for the holiday season.

These are the ornaments that we tend to cherish over the years.

You really don’t need many materials for these little beauties.

All you need to do is set some time aside by the fire or television and make a few each night.


– Coloured Yarn.

– Recycled paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls (or make your own out of pieces of cardboard).

– Miniature pom poms (available at craft stores).

– Glue Gun and glue sticks.

– Scissors and ruler.

Begin by cutting your paper towel rolls into 13 to 19 millimetre wide rings.

The 13 mm size will make a small-medium size hat.

If you wish to have a larger size you can cut your rolls into pieces up to 19 mm wide.

Alternatively, you may custom-make your own miniature size hat by cutting pieces of cardboard into your desired size.

Cut the coloured yarn into five- to 10-inch long pieces (depending on the size of your ring) and set aside. For a miniature hat you will require approximately 40 lengths of yarn.

Wrap each piece of yarn around using the lark’s head knot.

Repeat with the remaining pieces of yarn until the ring is completely covered. Use a piece of yarn to tie all the strands together in a knot leaving a small amount of yarn at the end.

Push the yarn through the other side of the covered ring to form the hat shape.

You may have to trim a little yarn to achieve the rounded head.

Glue a miniature pom pom to the top of the hat.

At this point you can simply place the hat on the tree branch or attach a wire ornament hanger to the upper backside of the hat and hang on the tree.

Package your little hat ornaments in clear boxes. Fill the boxes with artificial snow and add miniature Styrofoam balls. Sit the hats on the snowballs with a straight pin. Tie off the box with a pretty ribbon.

These little hats look adorable when put together in groups of two or three and given as a gift.

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design. She also runs Blu Dog Staging & Redesign.