A “Spooktacular” Halloween

Published October 27, 2018

Celebrate the Halloween season this year with some eye-catching décor. It’s easy to create a spooktacular front door with easy, homemade Halloween decorations.

Here are few ideas to get you on your way to having the best Halloween haunt on the block.

This idea is very effective when the balloons are strung around your front door and suspended over glowing pumpkins. Limit your décor’s colour palette to just a few shades of black, white and orange.


  • One package of clear balloons
  • Helium (available at most craft stores)
  • Black ribbon or black string
  • Black tulle (available at fabric stores)
  • Scissors

Have your local dollar store fill your balloons with helium and tie them off with a black ribbon. Cut four 120-centimetre lengths of black tulle and set them aside.

Wrap each piece of black tulle around the top centre of your balloon, leaving two pieces hanging around the tied ribbon. Repeat this with the other pieces of tulle.

Once the tulle pieces have all been wrapped around the balloon, tie them off with another piece of black ribbon and trim the ends of the tulle with your scissors.

Group your balloons together at your front door and suspend them over your candy and pumpkins.

Masks in jars
This is a great idea for a Halloween party. Purchase inexpensive rubber Halloween masks at your local Dollar store or department store.

Immerse them in water in a large, glass jar and place an orange or black light behind the jar. It’s a spooky Halloween display for all kinds of tables.

Try this idea at your front door as well.

Spray-painted gourds
If you are in a pinch for time, try this very easy and fun idea. Purchase an assortment of gourds in different shapes and sizes.

Spray paint them in white and draw various ghost faces on the fronts of the gourds. Group them together on your kitchen counter or outside at your front door.

Happy Halloween!

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design. She also runs Blu Dog Staging & Redesign. You can find more information at bludogstagingandredesign.com.