It’s A Good Month To Get Organized!

Published January 25, 2019

For some reason January feels like a month to clean out our closets and do some organizing around the home.

Maybe it’s the cold, dark weather that urges us to nest and clean up areas of the home that we have been ignoring for a while?Whatever the reason, I’ve always appreciated great organizing ideas from my friends and family over the year

Organizing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Dollar stores offer products that are perfect for repurposing. Here are some of my favourites that always seem to make life easier.

Shoe hangers
These are great for organizing small items such as gloves, mitts, dog leashes and other mudroom items. Simply hang one or two in your mudroom closet to keep items separated and clean.

Mesh bags
You have probably used one or two of these for bathing suits and other delicate washable items but have you ever thought of using them for your kids’ toys in the bathtub or shower? These bags are perfect for hanging on your showerhead.

Magnetic strips
Look for these strips in your local dollar store or hardware store. These are great for applying to the inside of your bathroom cupboard and attaching bobby pins and other metal hair accessories.

Egg cartons
Look no further than your fridge for an empty egg carton. Use it as a portable sewing kit or first-aid kit when you are travelling on the road. They are also handy for storing your nail polish, small kids toys and miniature, fragile holiday ornaments.

Plastic craft boxes
These boxes may be found on hardware shelves as well as craft and dollar stores. Use them to organize batteries, buttons, and thumbtacks, fishing gear and sewing items. The list is endless for these boxes.

Mason jars
You probably know by now how much I love these jars. They really are the ultimate recyclable item. Use them as string dispensers by drilling a hole in the top of the lid. Attach the lids to your workshop area and fill the glass jars with different types of nails and screws. Suspend the jars with the attached lids.

Sink storage
If the area under your kitchen sink looks like mine, it may be in dire need of an organization makeover. Look for the medium-sized, plastic stackable shelves that fit under your sink beside your water pipes. These stackable units are perfect for storing cleaning supplies, brushes, cloths and other kitchen items. Be sure to measure the area under your sink before you venture to the dollar store.