Own Your Home’s Style Even While Renting

Published January 09, 2020

Older rental suites can sometimes be plagued by very dated design decisions.

But just because you don’t own the space doesn’t mean you are forced to live with a design you don’t care for. Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think to update your rental apartment. There are some great, reversible design ideas out on the market that will help you transform your space into somewhere you will love to live. 

First and foremost is paint. This is hands-down the most effective way to achieve dramatic results within the space without breaking the bank. It always amazes me how a room can be completely transformed by a different shade of paint.

Have a look at the new adhesive floor tiles in stores at the moment. These tiles are fantastic for covering up ugly floors and unsightly stains on flooring. They are easily installed and can be removed upon vacating the premises.

Open shelving is another great idea. These open shelves are wonderful for storing books, vases and other stylish items to give your room a professional look. Use them over sofas in the living room and bedroom walls.

Don’t forget the importance of a good rug. A statement rug is key to add colour, texture and a feeling of cosiness to any room. Place a few plants within the room for more pops of colour and texture.

Speaking of colour, nothing works better to energize a room than a few colourful bath and hand towels. Choose a new towel ring and towel rack to add a modern look. Ask your landlord if you are able to swap out any light fixtures and faucets in the bathroom area. Replacing cabinet knobs is another great idea to add a new look to old cabinetry.

Store things in style. Purchase oversized baskets and storage containers to store your kids’ toys, blankets and pillows.

Lastly, take a look at the new removable wallpaper patterns that are on the market. Some of these are absolutely beautiful and will really add that much needed pop of colour and pattern to old and boring rental walls.

Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home decor, entertaining and floral design. She also runs Blu Dog Staging & Redesign. You can find more information at bludogstagingandredesign.com