Easter Table Idea: Chocolate bunny In a Bucket

Published April 11, 2020

Easter Table Arrangement

If you find yourself staying in this Easter long weekend (as we all should be) …it may be a nice time to brighten up your home a bit with some spring tulips and a little chocolate!

Spring flowers bring new life and energy to any dinner table. Now that spring has finally arrived why not bring a few of these beauties into the home for Easter?

A simple and colourful table arrangement can be put together quickly and with ease if you plan ahead. Here’s an idea that is inexpensive and will sure to please the little ones at this year’s Easter dinner celebration.


2-3 bunches of fresh tulips

colourful bucket

1 medium size chocolate bunny

Elastic band or floral wire

Small, glass vase (for inside the bucket)

Ribbon and sharp knife

I decided to do an orange them this year but any pastel shade or bright colour theme will suffice. It’s best to stick to one colour tone if possible for the nicest results.

Fill your container with fresh, room temperature water. Remove your tulips from their packaging and give the stems a fresh cut with a sharp knife or floral scissors. No floral preservative is necessary, as tulips generally do not care for this. Over time the floral preservative will cause them to wilt.

Begin to form a hand-held posie in the palm of your hand by adding one tulip at a time as you twist the bouquet. Continue to add one tulip as you turn the flowers. By the time you have added 15 or so tulips a nice round bouquet will have formed. Tie off with floral wire or an elastic band. Give the stems a quick cut to the desired length suitable for your container.

Place the tulips inside the container of water. Carefully insert an inverted, small, glass vase inside the container of water where the tulips have been placed. Unwrap the chocolate bunny from its packaging and place it on top of the inverted vase.

Make a small bow with the ribbon and place it beside the bunny.

Add the arrangement to the center of the table and place small candles around the base of the arrangement.

Another nice alternative for a simple Easter table arrangement is to use the pre-made little boxes of grass available on many grocery shelves at the moment. Add a few miniature chocolate bunnies and eggs and place in the center of the table.

Happy Easter!